By CirQ Technologies


for infants, toddlers, and children


Modern parents are busier than ever. Working Moms and Dads have a LOT on their plates; reducing stress and improved sleep are vital to effective parenting, a productive career, and overall happiness. When it comes to your children’s health and wellbeing, there is no substitute to being alert and aware of your child’s condition. When your child is wearing a Chirp monitor, you will have constant access to your child’s vital health information; Automatic emergency alerts, historical trends, and medical/remedy suggestions give parents and care providers some much needed piece if mind, and the information to act when needed. The team at CirQ Technologies is proud to introduce just such a device…

What does chirp do?

Chirp is a soft, unobtrusive wearable device to monitor temperature, heart rate, blood oxygen levels, and movement for infants, toddlers, and children. 


Heart rate



Data is continuously collected and viewable on your phone or tablet in the Chirp app. Whether your child is asleep in the next room, at Grandma’s house, or at day care, Chirp will keep you informed of your child’s condition, and automatically alert you to danger.


Dangerous spikes in temperature, sudden drops in heart rate/blood oxygen level, and sudden position changes (for infants) initiate an immediate alert to your device so you can take action.

Parents can also schedule alerts for giving medicine or other soothing remedies suggested by the Chirp app.

Historical sensor data is saved in the Chirp app, and can be shared with medical professionals.

Chirp Base Station

The Chirp base station quickly charges the sensor when not in use; and works as a wireless signal booster so your phone or tablet can receive real-time monitoring of your child’s temperature, heart rate, blood oxygen level, and movement ANYWHERE you are connected to the internet.